Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10


Feb 9, 2017

Owner: Brickmotion

First started in Minecraft 1.1 under the version number V0.1, the BrickmotionMod is a mod adding a variety of features, including mostly food, but also new tools, armor, weapons, ores, ingots and machines. Ever thought it was quite boring eating the same few food items in Minecraft? Why don't you try something like a delicious  burger, a pizza or, for the noble ones, a cooked lobster? This mod has it all! Want to fight mobs with style? Why don't you craft a platinum sword, or even the mighty Excalibur? Make Minecraft to a whole new experience now!


Mod Usage Permissions for the Brickmotion Mod

I, Brickmotion, creator of the Brickmotion Mod, hereby grant permission to anyone to use my mod, the Brickmotion Mod, in their modpacks. If the pack is distributed through a mod pack launcher (e.g. FTB. Technic Luancher, etc.), no additional credits must be given outside of the automatically generated credits. If the mod pack is distributed manually, please leave a link to the original download page and credit Brickmotion as the mod developer.


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