Bones And Swords

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Bones And Swords is a mod that focuses on adding new pirate themed mobs, Items and Structures that still keep a vanilla fell and a focus on exploration. 



Mobs :

 Skeleton Corsair

Basic pirate, nothing special


 Drowned Pirate

Basic pirate that spawns in every single ship, and has a small chance to drop a poisoned sword

-Applies Deadly Seas effect


 Drowned Captain

Spawns only in the big ships, and has a small chance to drop a Poisoned sword or a Pirate feather

-Summons trident guards

-Applies Deadly Seas effect 


 Key Keeper

The ships captain, spawns on medium and large ships, drops a Key and has a chance to drop an Anchor

-Has a chance to get angry when hit

-Sinks in water

 Golden Skeleton

Rare skeleton that only spawns in big ships

-Scared of Pirates

-Drops His Head


 Cast Away Skeleton

Shipwrecked skeleton that has a small chance to spawn on beaches and beached ships

-Has a small chance to spawn holding a Shell Dagger 


 Bouldering Marauder

Spawns on medium and large ships

-High knockback

-Applies Weakness 


 Lobber Buccaneer

Spawns on medium and large ships

-Shots rotten flesh

-Spawns arrows over his head when defeated



Small sand creature that hunts cows in packs spawning in beaches

Captain Skeleton

Spawns on Lost ships that can be found on Frozen Ocean Biomes

-Spawns Pirates

-Attacks with evoker fangs

-Applies Deadly seas effect

-Spawns sleeping on his ship



Items :

 Pirate Feather

Drops rarely from Drowned Captains, can be used to craft a Captains Hat



Drops from Key Keepers and can be used to open treasure chests




 Skull Handle/Guard/Blade

Can be crafted together to make a Skull Crusher


 Golden Skull

Drops from Golden Skeleton, removes deadly seas effect when held in hand


 Aquamarine Skull

Applies conduit power when held in water

 Blue Gem

Can be used to craft poise books and gemstone swords


Swords :


 Shell Dagger

Gives strength when held in water/rain




Deals extra damage to mobs with no armour


 Poisoned Sword

Applies deadly seas effect

 Gemstone Sword

 Extreme fast attack speed


 Keepers Anchor

Slow weapon that makes anyone who holds it sink when in water


 Double Edge Sword

throws mobs up with each strike


 Golden Scimitar

Deals extra damage to enemies with more than 5 armor protection 


 Skull Crusher

Deals extra damage to Undead mobs, being able to one shot a simple skeleton or zombie 


 Other Features

Chained Enchantment

-Chained is a rare enchant that can be applied to certain items, when 2 items with the chained enchant are held in the hand and off hand, the damage of both items will be increase and raw player will receive a speed boost when attacking. The enchantment still gives a small bonus when only one of the items has the enchant.

Item combos:

-Double Edge Sword in main hand and Trident in off Hand

-Skull Crusher in main hand and Golden Skull in off Hand

Poisoned Blade Enchantment

-A rare enchant that can be applied to items so they apply the Deadly seas effect to mobs during a few second

Pirate Hat and Bandana

Both of these items spawn in rare beached ships, and they aren't dropped by the pirates themselves.

Deadly Seas Potion

The deadly seas effect is only accessible through some drowned pirates and captain, and the poisoned sword. The effects damages mobs that are standing in water or in rain.







Special Thanks :

MegaPixel and Thisisnotaustin

-For giving the idea for the captains ability 





Make Sure to use mods such as "Better Trident Return" for the chained enchantment to work properly


Please make sure to leave your feedback 




Made with Mcreator



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