BoatOverhaul [Forge]

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The mod ports WOWS's boat sailing mechanism to Minecraft.



4 vanilla keybindings are modified:

Walk Forwards (W): Sail Forwards -> Boat Gear Up;

Walk Backwards (S): Sail Backwards -> Boat Gear Down;

Strafe Left (A): Boat Turn Left -> Boat Rudder Left (Manual);

Strafe Right (D): Boat Turn Right -> Boat Rudder Right (Manual).


2 modded keybindings are added:

NUM4: Boat Rudder Left (Auto);

NUM6: Boat Rudder Right (Auto).



A boat gradually gears up.

A boat rudders left, and gears up and down.


.minecraft/config/boatoverhaul-common.toml (Forge)

#Allows a boat to turn its rudder with a very low extra forward speed when the gear state is at STOP

allowRudderingWhenStopped = false

#If set to true, a boat sailing backward and ruddering right, for example, will sail to the left rearward

reverseRudderWhenSailingAstern = false



The mod's sound resources are from the popular naval war game WOWS;

The "mixinless" version of the mod needs MixinBootstrap.

You DEFINITELY CAN add the mod to your modpack;

I encourage any porting request for reasonable versions / modloaders.


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