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BlutmondRPG (English)

This Mod create a full-fledged MMORPG out of Minecraft.

What does the Mod do?

This mod create a full-fledged Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) out of Minecraft. To do this, some vanilla items and blocks are overwritten. This means in reverse, that even old-established players can find fun in this mod.

What features does the mod have?

Here is a list of features:

  • A basic class system with basic,advanced and mastered classes which build on each other
  • A custom crafting system
  • Class specific equipment
  • A unique skill system for everything minecraft has to offer (mine, build, plant, harvest, fight)
  • A skill system for the classes
  • A skill system for the custom crafting system
  • A trading system (Auction house or trading post)
  • A leveling system that scales the player strength
  • Tons of new mobs (allies, hostile and neutral)
  • Tons of new structures (cities, towns, villages and various dungeons)
  • Redesigned user interface (health bars, mana bars, specialization units)
  • A group system
  • A commander system
  • Gladiator Arenas (player[group] vs player[group])
  • Battlegrounds (faction vs. faction)
  • Integration with common mods (like JEI or CraftTweaker)
  • The ability for data management through databases
  • New materials with new tools (like copper, bronze, steel, orichalcum, deldrimor)

♦ Available ♦ ♦ still in progress ♦

Would you like to support the development of the mod?

The complete mod project including server should be financed exclusively with your donations. No one is forced to pay for any content of the mod. But if you want to support us, you are welcome to do so here:



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