Blood Gem

824 Downloads Last Updated: May 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This is a mod that adds a new resource to the game, the Blood Gem. The ore is a little less common than diamonds. It can be used to craft a few things: A  Blood Sword, a Blood Pickaxe, Blood Scythe, Blood Lantern and a Blood Golem Spawner. The sword and pickaxe are both slightly better than netherite. The sword also provides a small amount of slowness to enemies. The Blood Golem acts like a dog, but it is stronger and has more defense. You may also see it mining stone blocks. 

When you kill a mob with the blood scythe, it will drop "blood". You can use this to craft a blood lantern. When you right click with the lantern, it spends one blood and summons a Blood Spirit. This mob will fight for you, and despawns after five minutes.


Recent Updates:

- Added "Blood Scythe"

- "Blood Lantern" summons new mob, the Blood Spirit

- Minor texture change to the Blood Gem



Planned Updates:

- Add a full set of tools and armor made of the blood gem, that provide some unique benefits

- Possibly some kind of Blood Gem dungeon







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