Blood Bank

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*Looking for a Texture Designer to make or make better my crappy textures.*


Store your blood in a demonic bank of pain and misery.

Adds new items:

- An animal herder that allows player to pick-up and move there animals to a safer location.

- Get blood bottles for the Demonic Bank Teller.

- Use the vampire sigil to collect blood and use on tools to repair by drinking blood from blood bottles.

- There are many staffs:

   - The staff of skeleton which allows you to summon your own little skeleton slave.

   - The staff of time which allows you to advance time.

   - Plus more.

- Undead players:

    - Burn to death with an urn in your inventory to become undead. 

    - Level-up skills using souls gained from killing enemies.

    - Skills allow player to deal and take more damage.

    - Pyromancy allows players to shoot fire to cost to focus.

- Crafting most of these items requires you to deal your items to your demonic bank teller.


Compatible with Just Enough Item : *most* custom recipes appear in JEI.


* All features are subject to change and all features may not work in an intended way, as it is a work-in-progress mod.

** If you find any issue please go to the github and report an issue, but make sure your issue isn't a copy or hasn't been already solved in an update.



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