Block Skills


Block Skills

A library mod to control how players see and interact with fluids using skill-based restrictions created in KubeJS scripts. This is similar to Ore Stages.

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This mod leans extensively on Player Skills by creating and consuming the Skill-based Restrictions. Out of the box, this mod can restrict whether a block can be mined, "used", or if it drops anything when mined. It also provides a way to mask blocks in world by replacing them with either air or another block (e.g. make all diamond ore appear and drop as stone). Note that this does not alter interactions based on what items the player is holding or how the player can use the block as an item. However, Item Skills provides that complementary functionality.


Because of how events are fired, KubeJS BlockEvents.rightClicked events will only be triggered with the original block. Make sure that you reuse the same player.can() or player.cannot() restrictions on any relevant skill change handlers connected to interacting with a block. For example, if you are hiding minecraft:diamond_ore as minecraft:stone but are also triggering a skill change when a player uses redstone on diamond_ore, right clicking on the hidden diamond ore with redstone in hand will still trigger the skill update if it's not restricted with the same conditions that the hidden block is using.

More Information

Documentation, examples, and more can be found in the readme on Github.


Want to use this in a modpack? Great! This was designed with modpack developers in mind. No need to ask.