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Block Shapes adds stairs, walls and slabs that Monjag forgot implement some of these blocks:

- Stone (Wall)
- Polished Granite (wall, pressure plate, button)
- Polished Diorite (wall, pressure plate, button)
- Polished Andesite (wall, pressure plate, button)
- Deepslate (wall, stairs, slab)

- Polished Deepslate (pressure plate, button)
- Calcite (wall, stairs, slab)
- Tuff (wall, stairs, slab)
- Dripstone Block (wall, stairs, slab)
- Amethyst Block (wall, stairs, slab)
- Stripped Woods and Hyphaes (wall, stairs, slab)
- Woods and Hyphaes (wall, stairs, slab)

- Cut Sandstone (wall and stairs)
- Smooth Quartz (wall)
- Smooth Red Sandstone (wall)
- Smooth Sandstone (wall)
- Smooth Stone (wall and stairs)

- Obsidian (wall, stairs, slab)
- Purpur Block (wall)
- Snow Block (wall, stairs, slab)
- Smooth Basalt (wall, stairs, slab)
- Quartz (wall)

- Quartz Brick (wall, stairs, slab)
- Terracota (wall, stairs, slab)
- Prismarine brick (wall)
- Dark prismarine (wall)

- Cut Red Sandstone (wall and stairs)
- Crying Obsidian (wall, stairs, slab)


Made with the purpose of making sense of the blocks with their respective shapes, I will not do types like dirt fences or watermelon walls :D


Next Update:

- Wool, Terracotta and Concrete

- When I have time, I will add other blocks :)