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- New conditional checks - in_biome_type_X, biome_temp_X, biome_height_below_X, is_humid, rainfall_above_X, temp_above_X, biome_temp_above_X.
- The "in_biome" conditional check now uses the biome name instead of numerical id (will warn and give the proper name if you use a numerical id).
- Fixed auto-generated folders not having special characters removed.
- Added "Info Wand" (get it using /bpinfo <player>) - turns in-game (tile)entity nbt data to an external nbt function.
- New nbt function - "delete".
- Having a property file for an non-existent block will now only print a warning.
- Fixed bug preventing tile entities and entities from being properly placed in the world by schematics.
- Added tip to look down when a JSON language error occurs.
- Fixed crash report for missing "function" field in functions.
- Compressed schematic files can now be read (probably the majority of schematics you will encounter).
- Implemented block stat "fire_data".
- The conditional checks check_nbt_X and check_harvester_nbt_X can now compare string equality.
- Now provides the string id in the warning log when a numerical id is used, assuming the numerical id is valid.
- The "potion" function now uses potion names (localization codes) in its "id" field. Numerical ids will log warnings.
- The "enchant" function now uses enchantment names (localization codes) in its "id" field. Numerical ids will log warnings.
- New drops/break_speed/xp function - "command".
- New drops function - "schematic".
- New nbt functions - "item_id", "potion_id", "enchant_id".