Blaze Sword Mod!

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B L A Z E   S W O R D!

(see updated texture below after the description)


blaze sword demo screenshot with shield




Adds a craftable Blaze Sword! Stuck in the Nether without a weapon? Have extra sticks and blaze rods laying about? Arm yourself!

Powerful, but fragile, the Blaze Sword is a great emergency weapon. But be careful! It's as soft as gold and won't last long...


The Blaze Sword is HOT! It comes with Fire Aspect V and is designed to kill a Wither Skeleton in two hits! However, you can only slay five before it breaks, so use it sparingly, and always carry a crafting table so you can make more!


The Blaze Sword is the perfect emergency-get-out-of-hell-free card when things get tough and you're stuck without a weapon in the Nether. If you can whack a blaze into a stick and have an extra plank laying around, then you can arm yourself!


Latest Update:

Made the sword texture a LOT better!


Better updated blaze sword texture for Blaze Sword Mod in Minecraft

Last Update:

Added two recipes-- Have an extra gold sword laying about? Just add Blaze Powder to upgrade your gold sword into a Blaze Sword! Do you want a regular gold sword again? You can put out the fire with a bucket of water... 


blaze sword recipe using blaze rods the traditional way


blaze sword recipe using blaze powder


uncrafting a blaze sword into a golden sword with a bucket of water"Hello, MMD!, I have a License To Thrill!");



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