BLaK's Mineral Dimensions Mod

227 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 3, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

This Mod Adds More Dimensions To Your Minecraft World. It Adds The Coal Dimension, Quartz Dimension, Iron Dimension, Gold Dimension, Redstone Dimension, Lapis Dimension, Emerald Dimension, And Diamond Dimension. These Dimensions Have Infinite Supply Of Blocks Of Coal, Quartz, Etc. Based On The Dimension You Enter Thats The Infinite Blocks You Will Get On The Other Side. Remember This The Portal Key Is Expensive To Get But At The End Its Worth It. Oh And Also Take Diamond Gear And Golden Apples Youll Need Them Trust Me.


[Warning: This Mod May Crash Your Game.]

[Note: There Are No Crafting Recipes So All Items Are Available In Creative Mode.]


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