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A stockpile of Forceful Flintlocks! 


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Black Powder is a weaponry mod that adds four new weapons and two new ammo types to accompany them.

To obtain these powerful persuaders you much craft their parts and assemble them on a normal crafting table.


There are four guns to choose from;

The flintlock pistol features the fastest reload speed of the bunch, but with low accuracy.

The blunderbuss fires a spread of 8 bullets, but requires a more expensive ammo type in the form of blunder bullets and is slow to reload.

The rifle has the strongest accuracy and does lots of damage, but is slow to reload.

The musket has the highest damage but suffers in its accuracy, however it reloads faster than the rifle.



Handle (Any Wood Type):  


Firing Mechanism:  


Gun Barrel:  


Rifled Gun Barrel:  

Musket Balls:  


Blunder Balls:  


Flintlock Pistol:  









- Minecraft 1.17.1

- Fabric Mod Loader

- Cloth Config (Fabric) 


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Mod created entirely by AmyMialee.

Commissioned by LittleEavan.