Birds Nests and Treasures

57,579 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Birds Nests & Treasures

Bird's Nests & Treasures [BNT] is a random treasure mod for Minecraft 1.14.4+, inspired by CleverPanda's Birds Nest Mod. BNT adds a number of collectable treasures to the world that can be found while exploring.

  • Bird's Nests
  • Bandit's Treasure Pouches
  • Sunken Bottles
  • Ancient Treasure

Each treasure type has it's own possible loot, the possible contents follows what you may expect to find in that type of treasure and is influenced by biome and other conditions. The rarity of each treasure type can increase or decrease depending on various environmental factors.

Treasure Types


Birds Nests typically appear from harvesting trees. Nests typically contain small items that have been foraged by birds in the surrounding biome.

Bandit Treasure Pouches

Bandit's Treasure Pouches are sacks typically carried by bandits that have been dropped or discarded. You can find them when harvesting grass and hidden within sand and snow. They contain the items bandits may use or find in their day to day lives.

Sunken Bottles

Exploring around beaches, corals, or digging up sans in the ocean may reveal sunken bottles. One illager's rubbish, may be another illager's treasure.

Ancient Treasure

Digging in remote places such as deserts, ice caps and tundras may reveal ancient, valuable treasures.


BNT comes with a configuration file where you can:

  • Enable or Disable each treasure type. Disabling a treasure type will prevent it from spawning in the world.
  • Set whether treasures can be stacked unstackable by default
  • Set whether nests can be dropped when leaves decay
  • Set the rarity of each treasure type.

BNT treasures have a standard rarity for each treasure type. The chance of finding a treasure can increase or decrease under certain conditions.

You can configure the rarity under all 3

  • Standard/Normal: This is the default rarity
  • Lower: Modified rarity for lower rate conditions
  • Higher: Modified rarity for higher rate conditions

Rarity followers a 1 in x chance format. Therefore, if the rarity is set to "50", then this will give a 1 in 50 chance of finding a treasure.

Supports Other Mods

BNT is built to work with other mods such as Biomes-o-Plenty.




Note: I originally created this mod because my kids wanted the old birds nests mod in their 1.14.2 world. I decided to upload it, because, why not. I never expected it to get tens of thousands of downloads and didn't even notice until recently. I basically uploaded it and got on with life. Due to requests to update the mod, I have began updating it. Support for 1.15.2 has been added and now I'm working on 1.16.1 which is in BETA & has been built against Forge 32.0.47. I'll do my best to keep this updated, but I don't have the most time to invest in mods, so updates might take a while.


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