BioTek - (DNA,Cells,Organs & More)

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This is BioTek, a minecraft modification. This mod is based on some principles of biology and microbiology. If you dont know what this means, dont be afraid, BioTek was made for an easy understanding.

Remember that not everything may be accurate, some things had to be addapted in order to give a better playing experience.

Biotek interacts with all living things on minecraft, such as Animals, Monsters, Players and all types of Plants, giving you the ability to combine and create new living things and materials.

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  1. - Install Minecraft Forge
  2. - Download this mod and place the zip into your Mods Directory.

You can Manually add this mod to any of FTB (1.5.2) Packs (May work on other packs)

Curse Forge is the only website hosting BioTek , i'm not responsible for any corrupt versions on other websites


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