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Biospherical Expansion

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Biospherical Expansion is a mod which overhauls most aspects of the Overworld.

Key Features:

  • All new custom terrain generation.
  • All new custom biome placement.
  • 39 new biomes.
  • Recreations of every vanilla biome.
  • New, giant custom trees.
  • 38 new vanilla-like decorative blocks.
  • Massive caves with rough ceiling carvings and underground rivers of lava.
  • Custom ore generation in the form of giant ore spikes.
  • Sunflowers, spore blossoms, blue ice, and torch flowers now emit subtle amounts of light.
  • Noise-based block tinting system for naturally generating blocks such as stone, leaves, and grass to make them look massively more natural at scale.


Any mod that adds new biomes or alters the terrain is incompatible without a compatibility datapack made specifically for your combination of biome / terrain mods.



Inland Island Birch Forest Geodeial Cave Orchard Mud Pits Deep Dark Sparse Jungle Dripstone Caves Cherry Grove Autumnal Dark Plains Caldera Mansion Badlands

Large Biomes:

Highlands Taiga Rivers Prickly Desert Wooded Badlands Mesa Pirckly Desert Hill Clover Fields


This mod may be used in any modpack.

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