Biomes o' Plenty Tools

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This mod is no longer being actively developed


This mod adds Tools and Armor for all Biomes o' Plenty Gems, as well as Tinkers Construct integration [only for 1.12 and 1.11, not for 1.10] if PlusTiC or ExtraTiC are not installed (these mods also provide Biomes o' Plenty integration for Tinkers Construct)


Gems (OreDict names) this mod adds Tools for: 


  • Ruby (gemRuby)
  • Topaz (gemTopaz)
  • Sapphire (gemSapphire)
  • Malachite (gemMalachite)
  • Peridot (gemPeridot)
  • Tanzanite (gemTanzanite)
  • Amber (gemAmber)


This Mod requires CoFH Core to work!

This is because it uses the CoFH Core tools (hammer, sickle, shears, fishing rod, ...)


Can I use this mod in my Modpack?

Yes, you can use it, but it would be nice if you would give credit.


Tool Stats:

How to calculate actual Tool Stats

I'm just giving you the numbers that I wrote in the source code, to find out what the stats of one particular tool are, you'll have to do a bit of math (especially damage and durabillity are affected by that). Some stats just stay unaffected by tool type, these are: Enchantability, Harvest Level and Efficiency. For the Damage and most other stats, you'll just have to do a simple multiplication or addition, so here's what you have to do with the base values to calculate the actual stats:


Vanilla Tools (Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe, Sword, Hoe): just leave it

Hammer, Sickle: multiply by 2

Bow: add 325

Fishing Rod: add 5

Shears: subtract 12

Shield: add 275

Boots: multiply by 0.37

Leggings: multiply by 0.43

Chestplate: multiply by 0.46

Helmet: multiply by 0.31



Axe: always 9

Bow (Arrow Damage Multiplier): divide by 4

Hammer: always 11

Pickaxe: add 2

Shovel: add 1

Sickle: add 2.5

Sword: add 3


Miscellaneous Stats


Arrow Speed: Base Efficiency / 20

Bow Zoom: Base Efficiency / 30

Sickle Radius: Base Harvest Level

Fishing Luck: Base Harvest Level / 2

Fishing Speed: floor(Base Efficiency / 3)

Helmet Protection: Base Harvest Level

Chestplate Protection: Base Harvest Level + 3

Helmet Protection: Base Harvest Level + 2

Helmet Protection: Base Harvest Level

Armor Toughness: Base Harvest Level


Tinkers Stats


Durability: 2/3 of base Durability

Efficiency: Base Efficiency

Attack Damage: Base Damage

Harvest Level: Base Harvest Level


Modifier Multiplicator: Base Enchantability / 15

Durability: 1/3 of Base Durability


Durability: 1/3 of Base Durability


Harvest Level: 2

Durability: 250

Efficiency: 4.5

Damage: 2

Enchantability: 20

Tinkers Modifier: Ecological



Harvest Level: 2

Durability: 600

Efficiency: 7

Damage: 2.5

Enchantability: 12

Tinkers Modifier: Depthdigger



Harvest Level: 2

Durability: 500

Efficiency: 6

Damage: 2

Enchantability: 13

Tinkers Modifier: Insatiable



Harvest Level: 3

Durability: 900

Efficiency: 7.5

Damage: 2.8

Enchantability: 10

Tinkers Modifier: Momentum



Harvest Level: 3

Durability: 1300

Efficiency: 7.5

Damage: 3

Enchantability: 10

Tinkers Modifier: Aquadynamic



Harvest Level: 2

Durability: 600

Efficiency: 6.5

Damage: 2.3

Enchantability: 15

Tinkers Modifier: Unnatural



Harvest Level: 2

Durability: 400

Efficiency: 8

Damage: 2.3

Enchantability: 17

Tinkers Modifier: Jagged



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