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BiomeMusic allows players to set custom songs / sounds that are biome specific.
The sounds are also Dimension specific! (Dimension biomes)
It is an great addition to the game if you like the Terraria music system or just like to hear different music!

The users can completely modify the music for themselves, you can easily add music to a biome!


Next update!:

1. Fixes for the two bugs!
2. Making able to add custom biome ids and music (API)
3. Making able to add songs using a resource location different then the .jar itself.

Note: I will add the sub-biomes soon!:

130 Desert M
131 Extreme Hills M
132 Flower Forest
133 Taiga M
134 Swampland M
140 Ice Plains Spikes
141 Ice Mountains Spikes
149 Jungle M
151 JungleEdge M
155 Birch Forest M
156 Birch Forest Hills M
157 Roofed Forest M
158 Cold Taiga M
160 Mega Spruce Taiga
161 Mega Spruce Taiga Hills
162 Extreme Hills+ M
163 Savanna M
164 Savanna Plateau M
165 Mesa (Bryce)
166 Mesa Plateau F M
167 Mesa Plateau M

Known bugs / problems:

1. Five seconds lasting lag spike on music load (Only leads once per biome-type per session)
2. Will stop all sounds on biome switch load (Including jukeboxes)

Biome IDS:

0 Ocean
1 Plains
2 Desert
3 Extreme Hills
4 Forest
5 Taiga
6 Swampland
7 River
8 Hell (Nether)
9 Sky (End)
10 Frozen Ocean
11 Frozen River
12 Ice Plains
13 Ice Mountains
14 Mushroom Island
15 Mushroom Island Shore
16 Beach
17 Desert Hills
18 Forest Hills
19 Taiga Hills
20 Extreme Hills Edge
21 Jungle
22 Jungle Hills
23 Jungle Edge
24 Deep Ocean
25 Stone Beach
26 Cold Beach
27 Birch Forest
28 Birch Forest Hills
29 Roofed Forest
30 Cold Taiga
31 Cold Taiga Hills
32 Mega Taiga
33 Mega Taiga Hills
34 Extreme Hills+
35 Savanna
36 Savanna Plateau
37 Mesa
38 Mesa Plateau F
39 Mesa Plateau

Add music:

1. Convert the song into an .ogg file.
2. Open the 'BiomeMusic-{VERSION}.jar', jump into: 'assets/sounds/music' and put the .ogg in there.
3. (Run game and let it create the cfg) In the: 'biomemusic.cfg' file replace: "-- Not set --" with the song path: "biomemusic:music.{Your file name WITHOUT .ogg}" at your wished biome (Biome ID Specific)


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