Biome Technologies™

Biome Technologies™

This mod adds machines/tools related to biomes and modification of them. This mod can run purely server side, however it's compatible with singleplayer and modpacks. When used on client or with Polymer's server resource pack, guis will use custom textures.

Biome Essence - The base of biome changing

This item is just a biome encapsulated in a bottle. You can throw it to change single biome cell or collect to later use with Biome Converter. You can get them by either finding them in chests or by buying them from Wandering Traders and Cartographer Villagers.

Biome Converter - Effective biome changing

Crafted with a Nether Star, 4 Cobbled Deepslate, 2 Amethyst Blocks and 1 Clay Block.

This machine allows you to change biomes more effectively, but at a different cost. It requires (furnace) fuel to operate. And a lot of it, but that's nothing with a double chest of lava buckets.

UI with server resource pack/mod on client

Default UI


Originally made for Modfest: Singularity (2022)