Biome Specific Dungeons

20,665 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds variants of the vanilla dungeon for some of the various dungeons in the game. These dungeons are similar in design but made using different blocks. The biome specific variants can also have different mobs and loot! This mod is also expansible, meaning you can add your own dungeon variations. If you have questions or requests please join my Discord server.


Current dungeons

  • Desert Dungeon - Made of various sandstone blocks, and spawns in deserts. This dungeon can spawn husks and skeletons. The chests can contain desert pyramid loot.
  • Frozen Dungeon - Made of ice and snow, and spawns if frozen biomes. This dungeon can spawn strays. The chests can contain igloo loot.
  • Mushroom Dungeon - Made of mushroom blocks, and spawns in mushroom islands. This dungeon can spawn mooshroom. The chests can contain normal dungeon loot.


Planned Features & Future Updates

  • Update the CurseForge page with information on adding your own dungeon types.
  • Support for dimension based dungeons.
  • Support for many common mods.
  • Dungeon variants for more vanilla biomes.
  • Better mob selection.
  • Better loot tables.


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