Biome Spawn Point

Requires the library mod Collective.

Biome Spawn Point allows specifying in which biome players should spawn when a new world is generated. This will work for vanilla biomes, as well as modded biomes. Because of the nature of adding biomes via datapacks, you'll have to generate a new world once for the spawnbiomes.txt config file to generate. After that you can select which biomes players should spawn in by removing the exclamation mark in front of the line with the biome name.

The bonus chest world generation feature is compatible. If enabled, another bonus chest will be placed around the biome spawn position.

This mod is compatible with Village Spawn Point.

The spawnbiomes.txt Config File:
A config file is generated in ./config/biomespawnpoint/spawnbiomes.txt. By removing an exclamation mark in front of the biome name, it will add a chance for players to spawn in that biome. When one is selected, it has a 100% chance. When two are selected, they each have a 50% chance.


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