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Biome Particle Weather

Biome Particle Weather!


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Apologies for the long update time been going through some stuff





This mod is client sided so feel free to use it on servers!

Also please credit if used in a modpack! It helps :)



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Biome Particle Weather is a client sided mod that adds unique biome particle weather as I would imagine there are some people who are a bit tired of the way minecraft's weather looks I know I did so I made this!


Featuring particle weather like wind and sandstorms! See below!



Nether Weather!




Fireflies! These guys will attempt to avoid running into any blocks or fluids.



Report Bugs Here: https://github.com/shadowmaster435/Impactful_Weather/issues






Also i know these types of commenters exist so, no i'm not backporting (this is because i rely on some things in 1.18+) if you ask i will simply reply with no (sorry it really does get old so id appreciate if you could refrain from asking :) )