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Biome Enhancements


Biome Enhancments




The Biome Enhancements mod focuses on Improving the pre-existing biomes within Minecraft and is primarily based on the Minecon community polls/biome vote videos and the Minecraft feedback website. The hope is to bring future features of Minecraft to current versions of the game. 


Current Features:

  • Mangrove trees grow in Swamps
  • Baobab trees grow in Savanna
  • Palm trees grow on Beaches and around Oasis
  • Oasis rarely generate in the Desert
  • Desert Candle flower grow around Oasis


Planned Features:

  • Add Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Add Coconut and Date Crops
  • Add Tumbleweeds
  • Add Boats with Chests
  • Add Frogs
  • Add Vultures
  • Add Termites
  • Add Ostriches
  • Add Meerkats
  • Add Moobloom


Potential Features:

  • Port to Fabric
  • Updated Structures
  • Other biome specific features
  • Minecon 2017 Mobs
  • Iceologer?


If there are any bugs/problems or suggestions/ideas please let me know.