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Filename Biome_Bundle-1.11.2-v5.1.jar
Uploaded by team_otg
Uploaded Jun 8, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 13.15 MB
Downloads 56,206
MD5 6910040a6025420e067fc6232d29e155
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


- Added default portal frame material: Dirt Block for returning from other OTG dimensions if they are installed (Forge only)
- Biome Bundle now initialises other OTG dimensions (Skylands, Flatlands, Void) automatically so they can be travelled to via their respective portals if also installed (Forge only)
- Added a new near bedrock custom cave layer across all biomes to make underground caving/mining more interesting and rewarding
- Ravines and caves now properly remove all surface/ground blocks
- Added missing biome dictionary tags for SpookySwampland & Savanna Edge (Forge only)
- Entirely reworked Desert Cliffs biome
- Version 2.0 of the witches mansion structures
- Added 3 new mini ocean temples
- Added a new castle structure variant
- Added a new custom underground stronghold variant (sandstone)
- Added a few small structures for red sand/mesa areas
- Fixed custom ocean temple rarity & improved temple placement
- Added iron golems to custom structures containing villagers
- Enabled mesa style mineshafts in more biomes
- Stopped villages spawning in all 'floating' biomes
- Reworked grass cover and water/lava availability in many biomes
- Lots of other tweaks and polish to existing biomes along with fixes and improvements for existing objects and structures

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