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Binocular mod 1.1



Normal view:

Default zoom-level:

Max. zoom level:

If something is difficult to see:

then turn on the Night Vision mode:


Maintain your favorite locations for teleport:



Default keys:

  • F - Zoom In
  • V - Zoom Out
  • R - Zoom Reset
  • L - Zoom Lock
  • N - Night Vision
  • P - Waypoints

You could change the default key bindings to modify the config file directly.
The location of the config file: %appdata%\.minecraft\config\binocular.cfg


  • You can activate and use the Binocular in your hand by the mouse right-click
  • You can quickly activate the Binocular from your inventory by pressing the L key (Lock mode). Press the L key again to put it back.
  • You can use any other items while the Binocular is active.
  • "Long-jump": you can teleport to the location of the point being viewed as follows:
  1. Click the key to open the Waypoints gui
  2. Click the << button to get the viewed point's location
  3. Press the Go button, and hope that you will be not a bad place ;)

More info...


I hope you enjoy this mod :)


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