Big Beacons

5,100 Downloads Last Updated: May 7, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Are you the type of person who has shulker boxes of spare iron blocks lying around? Or maybe you find yourself jumping around in circles with nothing to do. Well then this is the mod for you! This Fabric mod changes beacons from their pathetic vanilla versions to the hulking behemoths they deserve to be. You can construct beacons up to ten levels high, with each level granting additional effects and functionality. A level ten beacon allows you to power up an effect to level three! One of the effects available is Luck, which is changed in this mod to function as additional levels of Fortune or Looting. Also, the activation cost has been removed, as it really doesn't matter with this scale of beacon (also it took up needed gui space). Note that if you have preexisting beacons in your world, you'll need to break and replace them for them to work. REQUIRES FABRIC API.

Beacon GUIBeacon comparison

PS, if you make a level 16 beacon, you might notice a special effect. :)


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