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B.F. End Cities



Big F%$#ing End Cities

End Cities suck, especially in modpacks. Let's fix that!


The main issue with End Cities is their size, or lack thereof. There are plenty of "Better End City" datapacks, such as the one by IchPhilipp used in this mod's screenshots, but they are largely visual upgrades and do not touch the underlying structure of the cities.


This mod tweaks the actual structure generation code to give end cities a higher chance to branch out and grow bigger. This means it should be fully compatible with all End City structure datapacks.


Tweaks include:

  • Ships now spawn up to three times per city.
  • By default, Minecraft generates the "Fat Towers" filled with shulkers up to 2 sections tall. This mod increases that to 8. This drastically increases the branching chances.
  • The maximum branch depth of city generation is increased from 8 to 16. What could go wrong?
  • "Fat Towers" only generate half the time by default. This mod increases that chance to 75%.
  • This mod removes the completely useless empty tiny houses. There is now a 25% chance for a house to contain no loot room, 25% chance for one loot room, and 50% chance for two loot rooms. They will also generate taller and bigger as a result.
  • Bridge generation is fixed to generate longer bridges on lower levels, mimicking a tree structure. This makes the city more spread out and also fixes bugs with cities overwriting themselves.


Of course, this means BF End Cities will have around 4x the loot of normal End Cities. But normal End Cities are boring, and you're not installing a mod called "Big F%$#ing End Cities" if you care about it being OP. To be fair, small cities can and will still generate, but on average they are much bigger.