Beyond The Veil

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Beyond The Veil is a tale about the Player themselves, about their journey towards Truth.

Through Knowledge comes Power, of course, and as the Player learns more about the occult, new branches of magic and science open up. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes macabre, but you'll get used to it.

Every research entry in Beyond The Veil is intertwined with narration, and as of the first release of the mod the story converges on a central setpiece: the Fishing Hamlet, a semi-rare structure generated in the blackest biomes of the Overworld. The Dwellers there have a murky past, full of tightly kept secrets.

 A Fishing Hamlet


Among the several aspects of the occult, an earnest Seeker of Truth may encounter:

  • The art of Dreaming, and its implications.
  • Unseen kinds of flora, certainly not of this world.
  • Surgery, performed on more or less willing subjects.
  • The crafting and seeking of Baubles and other artifacts, that may aid one in their journey.
  • The practice of handling blood, and creating links with it.
  • Gathering worshippers, to become a sort of deity.
  • Becoming a worshipper yourself, to appease your own God.
  • Through devotion, become Deep.
  • The making of city builders, aeons old. A servant race, yet very dangerous.


Due to the story driven, spoiler heavy style of BTV, it is encouraged to play it in survival from scratch.


Your journey begins as soon as you get back from the Nether for the first time, and are given Al Azif, where all knowledge is stored.

The mod requires Baubles to function.


Known conflicts:

  • If you have the Webdisplays mod installed placing down a bucket of tears will result in a crash.


Link to the Minecraft Forum thread.

Official subreddit.

Youtube channel where I occasionally post some sneak peeks.


Everything concerning Bug Reports, Suggestions, Supporting the mod, Youtube and Modpack policies etc. can be found on the stickied post on BTV's subreddit, which I encourage you to join :D


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