Better Animals Plus

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Coyotes on a Mesa

Coyotes are opportunistic hunters and scavengers, and will even attempt to prey on players in the night. However, in the day they can be tamed with raw rabbit or chicken. They spawn in deserts, mesas, and plains.

Tarantulas Lurk in the Desert

Tarantulas spawn in deserts and mesas, and are hostile. They may even fire some of their blindness-inducing hairs at enemies


Spawn of Soulsand and the remains of the Deer will summon the Hirschgeist from its world to here

A Flock of Pheasants in a forest

Despite their textures, any 2 adults can breed with pumpkin seeds, and drop their meat when killed. Pheasants also peak at the ground!

Black Bears

Brown or Grizzly Bear

Kermode or Spirit Bear

A rare subspecies of the black bear


Jellyfish spawn in water and float aimlessly, but don't touch them! They will inflict poison and blindness!


Goats spawn in forests, deserts, savannas, and mountainous areas. They can be befriended by giving them any food, and will defend themselves and their "friends" by headbutting enemies. Goats can also be milked, and the milk can be used to make goat cheese.

Lammergeier/Bearded Vulture

Large birds found in deserts and mountains. They eat bone marrow, and will grab skeletons and drop them down to break their bones open. They can be tamed with bones


Reindeer can be found in any cold biome, and can be bred with wheat or carrots. Reindeer can also be ridden!

A Herd of Boars

Boars are vicious piggies found in many biomes, including forests, jungles, and savannas. Some will attack larger creatures on sight, and most will attack smaller creatures like chickens and pheasants. Drop pork meat and sometimes their head.


Squirrels are timid rodents found in forests. If frightened, they will flee and try to scurry up trees. They can be bred with seeds.


Lampreys are parasitic fish. They will cling onto things bigger than them in order to suck their blood. Be careful in water!


Songbirds are common sights in forests. They are harmless and will try to fly away from players, but they do enjoy eating seeds.


Badgers can be found in forests and taigas, and will prey on smaller animals such as chickens. If attacked, badgers will throw dirt and other such materials at the attacker, on top of using their sharp claws

Songbird in a tree

Lamprey in a lake


Crabs can be found on Beaches and in Swamps, and drop Crab Meat and Bonemeal when killed. Crabs also like to party, but they won't join any ol party


Nauti are harmless oceanic mobs that drop raw fish when killed. However, if in 1.14, they may also drop their shell

Horseshoe Crabs

These harmless living fossils can be found in beaches and oceans, and drop bonemeal and their meat when killed


Sharks are predatory fish found in the oceans. They may attack players who have already been damaged, as they smell the fresh blood, but do not attack healthy players. Other mobs, are not as fortunate...

Wearable Gear

Hirschgeist skull, wolf capes, and bear capes! The capes also have baubles support.


Moose are large members of the deer family found in taigas and swamps. Moose are a force to be reckoned with, but slaying one nets you a lot of venison and possibly a head.

(Updated) Feral Wolves

Hostile wolves found in forests and taigas. If a player wears the skull of a Hirschgeist, they can tame these beasts with bones. Killing a feral wolf may drop their head, as well as some pelts, which can be made into capes, leather, and wool


Turkeys are semi-neutral, semi-timid birds found in forests and similar. They will attack back, but scatter afterwards. When attacking or breeding, they flare their tail. Killing one may give you a nice feast! Any 2 adults can breed with pumpkin seeds.


Zotzpyre are large, flightless bats found in caves as well as in jungles at night. They will use their wings to propel themselves at targets in order to latch on and drink their blood!

Bobbit Worm

Found in oceans, Bobbit Worms bury themselves other than their vicious mouths in soft sediment, in order to ambush passing prey, including people.


Whales are (mostly) peaceful mammals found swimming in the oceans of Minecraftia. That doesn't mean its a good idea to annoy them.

(Updated) Deer

Cowardly herbivores found in all sorts of forests. They run from larger mobs, but can be bred with wheat or carrots


Neutral semi-aquatic animals, drop leather and blubber when killed, but won't give up easily. But who was the walrus?


Comes in both saltwater and freshwater variants, they're neutral, but don't hold food near them...


Awful birds, you know where to find them. They will steal your stuff and then stab you.