Better With Engineering

Last Updated: Apr 7, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Oct 13, 2017

Owner: primetoxinz

Better With Engineering


This is an addon for Better With Mods to bridge features of tech mods. It will increase compatibility between some mods while making parts of some fit into the BWM theme by making it more difficult or balanced.


Current Features

  • Immersive Engineering
    • Hemp Fix - Makes IE Hemp drop BWM Hemp items to fix the ability to skip the millstone
    • Mechanical Power -
      • Makes the IE Windmill and Waterwheel properly power an axle. Video of it in action
      • Allows axles to power Kinetic Dynamos, about 2 rf/t by default.
    • Steel Rebalance -
      • Allow replacing IE Steel with Soulforged Steel - disabled by default
      • Also replaces the Arc Furnace vanilla cauldron with the BWM Crucible.
    • Treated Wood Mini Blocks -
      • Adds Siding, Moulding and Corners for the different Treated Woods
      • Add High Efficiency Recipes for Treated Wood Recipes
  • Thermal Expansion
    • Change Induction Smelter to use Hellfire dust rather than sand for smelting melts, a temporary solution to issues with HCOre.
  • ExNihilo Creatio
    • Mechanical Power - Allow BWM Mechanical Power to power devices from ExNihilio such as the sifter.