Better UX

31,839 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 13, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

Better User Experience replaces the majority of overlays that are displayed on the screen. It also adds more without compromising visible space. Fire no longer covers all the screen. All hearts and food have been replaces with a health bar and a food bar. The health bar will change color when wither or poison effect is applied, also it will get covered in a shield when the player has absorption hearts. The food bar has to layers the first layer has a darker color and represents the amount of food, the second layer represents the saturation amount. Both the health bar and the food bar have numbers displaying the amount of health, absorption, food and saturation. While having armor on, two shields will be displayed on the left and right of the hotbar. Both shields display a percentage: the left shield displays the minimum amount of damage the armor is able to reduce and the right shield will display the maximum amount of damage the armor is able to reduce. As the way Minecraft is coded the higher the damage the lower the damage reduction percentage will be applied in the calculation. The shields will adjust for the protection enchantments on the armor as well.



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