Better Tridents

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Have you ever wanted to have a Trident, but is too scared or lazy to go find a drowned, and on top of that only have about a 12% chance of the drowned actually dropping the Trident for you, This is just the mod for you. This adds a Trident recipe that is fairly easy to use, though it still requires you to go find drowns and kill them, because you need prismarine shards to craft this. This mod is great in everything from 1.16.5 modpacks, to hardcore modded worlds. If you are interested in this mod, Please do me a favor and download it. Note: Whenever the 1.18/1.19 plugin comes out, I will update this mod to it. ALSO this mod works with Tlaucher.  If you have any questions about this mod, Please message me on here.


WE have upgraded to 1.18.2. We still have 1.16.5, 1.17.1,1.14.4,1.15.2 Files, those are located here at: 


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WE dont have a issue tracker anymore. Just ping me on here and Ill look into it.


Thank You for reading this description, and have a great day. 


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