Better Together

3,059 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 19, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

We all know the situation. You're adding content post 1.12 which doesn't fit in any of the vanilla creative tabs. Yet when you try to add your own there is no way of accessing it due to the limited space within the creative GUI tab system. You can try roll the dice with Creative Tab Randomiser but it is simply too clunky for you. This is the mod to fix all of that.


Using the exquisite antiquity of remastered pre-1.3 code, you can say goodbye to your creative tab layout worries. No more trying to explain work arounds to end users or coming up with excuses, everything they (and you) need is freed. You can keep your content, the pound and everyone's sanity safe in the mind that things are better together.



For 1.13.2 you'll need Rift

For 1.14 you'll need Fabric


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