Better Ping Display [Fabric] - Updated Fork

He finally updated the mod to 1.19.4.


My GitHub Repository is archived and i will stop updating the mod (for now).

If you still want the commands, compile it yourself.

This is a Fabric mod.

Go here for the Minecraft Forge edition of this mod. (maintained of the original creator of this mod)


A mod for displaying each player's ping in the player list as a number, with various configuration options.


This is a client side mod. The server doesn't need to have it installed. It can even be used when playing on vanilla servers.


See https://github.com/Razuuu/better-ping-display-fabric#configuration for an explanation of what the various config options do.

If you have a ModMenu installed, you can edit mod's config using it.


/cping - You're own Ping
/cping Player - Ping from other player

description litterly kanged