Better Horse Hud

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Hi everyone, i made a small mod named Better Horse Hud. what it does is change the minecraft heads up display when on a horse or mount in general.
Head over to my forum post on to discuss this mod, give feedback and suggest features!


  • Shows both your hunger and the health of you horse/mount on the normal minecraft GUI whilst maintaining the vanilla feel
  • on horses it hides the jumpbar unless you are actually jumping.



  • make a liteloader version for those who want it
  • your suggestions go here!


This mod Requires forge to run, please make sure you install the right version of forge before running this mod. you can download forge on


Better Horse Hud is an open source Minecraft mod released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. What this means is that the source of this mod is publicly available and you have certain rights with respective to the code. Feel free to read up more on Open Source Software and what the GPL give you in terms of your rights to software released under that license, but the short version for you folks here is;

  1. you have the right to have access the source code of the mod,
  2. you have the right to be able to edit/use parts (or all) of the source code provided that you provide proper credit to the original authour(s),
  3. you have the right to distribute the source code and/or compiled versions of the source code
  4. you have the right to use this mod in Lets Plays/YouTube videos however you see fit (monetization, for fun, etc) as long as you provide credit to the original authour(s)(a link back to this thread for example)

All works here copyright Falling_Dutchman, unless otherwise stated in the source files.


the source files for this mod are publicly available my github page, this is also where you can look at the latest news in the development of this mod


The guys over at Forge and FML for creating Forge

Pahimar for the text you see under "Copyright/licence", i hope you don't mind that i used your text :P