Better Foliage Renewed

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Better Foliage Renewed is a port of the original work of Octarine Noise to modern Minecraft. This is a client side only mod. It is Forge only.


The original work had a few design decisions that made it hard to update as is: Complex coremodding to get certain rendering effects, a dependence on an obscure programming language, as well as doing difficult things like generating textures at runtime.


There is compatibility built in for Atmospheric, Bayou Blues, BOP, Caves and Cliffs, and Quark.


This port aims to fix these things by taking advantage of resource pack APIs. It also has no dependencies. Besides for the particle effects, you might notice that there isn't a config to disable/tweak many of the features. This is because models are loaded via resource pack. If you want to disable a certain model, override that block's blockstate file with the one from vanilla. This also means that mod compat is easier than ever! If a mod you like has a permissive license (if I can host their assets in my repository), I will add compat for it myself. Otherwise, you are free to do it yourself.


For performance, this mod is pretty comparable to vanilla. The leaves might cause some lag on slow computers, but in general, you shouldn't notice any effects unless you try shaders.


This mod is under the MIT License, meaning that you can put it in your modpack, fork it, do whatever. I would ask that you not rehost this elsewhere, but I can't stop you.

 Thanks to Paint_Ninja for the commission.


Better Cacti

Falling Leaves

Better Grass, Snow, Podzol, and Mycelium

Better Lilypads

Rising Souls


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