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* Re-coded the whole mod which should improve performance and allow more diversity in the mechanics.
* Added Fish Ecosystem/Population System. (Now based on the chunk and the environment, certain fishes thrive more than others. However if you overfish them, you will have to wait a while before they appear at that location again. Certain fishes will be at different hotspots).
* Added Fish Migration System. (So if you overfish and area and there are no fishes there, just wait a couple of days from fish from other areas migrate towards the empty area).
* Added Custom Bite Time System. (Based on the population of a fish, they will bite either quicker or slower. So if you are waiting a long time before you get a bite, make sure to relocate to a different area to fish.)
* Added Baits for fishing. (Baits can be used to target specific fish on the water or get a general bait that can lure any fishes faster. You can turn the fish you catch to a bait to catch another fish.)
* Added Livable condition to fishes. (Fishes can now live on saltwater, freshwater or even both.)
* Added Custom Fishing Rods. (You may now use the vanilla fishing rod which functions how vanilla fishing rod does. However custom fishing rods will have all the new mechanics and features.)
* Added 3 New Fishing Rods. (Basic = Which is pretty much your regular fishing rod that tugs hard and is weak, Iron = Same reel length as the basic fishing rod however it is more stronger and doesn't get effected by tugging as much, Diamond = It has a higher reel length and decreases fish tugging by a lot.)
* Added Better Fishing Rods that can reel further and reduce the tugging from big fishes.
* Added Trout Fish.
* Added Bass Fish.
* Added Cod Fish.
* Added a fish tracker item. Right-clicking this will show you all the different types of fishes available near you and their population but it takes around 5 seconds to scan and also have chances to fail both of which are configurable.
* Added fish bucket where you can only store fishes. It will automatically populate the fish buckets on your hotbar when you pick up fishes. It also shows the total weight of the bucket when you sneak right-click.
* Added knife item that if put with a custom fish, will slice the fish and lose some durability after cutting.
* Added Cookable Fishes(You can configure how much hunger level and saturation each cooked slice gives for each fish.)
* Added Fish Oil that you extract from a fish slice.(Used to cook fish)
* Added Fish Oven that allows you to cook slices of fish(Requires fuel source.)
* Added magnetic fishing config. The fish you catch automatically drops on top of you. Good when you are in a boat.
* Added slices of fish when you put the fish on the crafting ui based on the weight of the fish.
* Improved Configuration GUI.
* Credits to ElectroBot for suggesting some of the ideas.