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I made this mod specifically for myself so I could just have a simple semi-passive and efficient farm.. I decided that maybe somebody out there would like to use it as well.. I don't really have any major plans for this mod other than bug fixes, and balancing, which is why the 'download goal' is negligible.. As long as someone finds this mod useful.. It was worth posting.. PLEASE leave comments and give feedback on what you think about the mod, and what needs to be fixed, or changed..


~ ~ ~ Alpha builds are HIGHLY UNSTABLE, use with caution!!! ~ ~ ~


-------> SERVERS MUST USE 0.0.3-BETA OR LATER <-------

Now With Config! [Version 0.0.7+]


Farmland Tiers: 

Base Soil: Mainly just an added crafting material, can still be used to grow crops faster than vanilla farmland..  (2x Speed)

Stone Soil: Quite useful when starting out, and not that expensive either.. (8x Speed)

Iron Soil: This is probably going to be the most used be people, very cheap to craft and decent speed.. (16x Speed)

Gold Soil: If you have the gold why not its quite fast.. (32x Speed)

Diamond Soil: Now this is what I'd use for most of my farms.. Very fast and useful.. (64x Speed)

Emerald Soil: You already crafted the diamond soil and need to do something with your stacks of emeralds? This is for you! (128x Speed)

Nether Star Soil: I don't recommend using this for efficiency as it is ridiculously expensive, but sometimes you have millions of nether stars and nothing to do with them.. (256x Speed, [Nearly Instant])


Farmland Features: 


Tile Entity: Non-existent.. The soil uses random tick updates to grow crops and has no need for tiles.. Have fun placing hundreds without worrying if the soil will lag-up your world..

Hydrated: Why would you craft these expensive soils, if you needed water for it.. (Doesn't require water sources)

Indestructible: By this I mean nobody can trample your crops.. Feel free to jump around your farms..



Every Recipe Requires The PREVIOUS Tiered Farmland (Example: Gold Soil Requires 8xGold Ingot + 1 Iron Soil)








 Nether Star



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