Better F3 Plus

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This mod allows you to toggle what information you would like to see on the F3 debug menu.


The mod has only been tested in 1.18.2. If you would like a version of the mod for another version of Minecraft, comment below.



/toggle <index> - Turn a piece of information on/off. Each piece of information has its index next to it when you open the F3 menu.

/what <index> - See what information corresponds to a given index. This is useful if something is turned off, and you want to see what it is so you can decide whether to turn it back on.

/index - Show/hide the indexes next to the information in the menu.


The mod will save what is toggled off, so even if you close the game the information will be gone. It will only come back if you turn it back on with the toggle command.


If you use this mod in a video, please credit me (chpas) in the description!


If this seems too complicated, or if you want a simpler F3 menu without having to manually toggle the information, check out Better F3 here:


Comment any errors/concerns with the mod below, and I will do my best to answer them.



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