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About Better Diving
Better Diving is an overhaul of the vanilla diving experience modeled on the game Subnautica.
For more information visit the wiki (incomplete and written for 1.12).

Some highlights:
- reworked movement in water (no automatic sinking, swim in the direction you are looking, ...)
- reworked oxygen system (dive for up to 45 seconds instead of 15 seconds, ...)
- breaking speed in/under water is equal to breaking speed outside of water
- use diving equipment to move faster, mine faster and dive longer



  • Redistributing this mod on other sites isn't allowed.
  • Redistributing this mod within modpacks is allowed as long as that modpack can be played for free by anyone owning an official copy of the Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Using this mod in videos that are publicly and freely available for everyone is allowed.
  • (When crediting this mod be sure to link the curseforge page and not some other site which redistributed this mod without my permission)


Future Updates
1.12 probably won't get another update.
1.13/1.14/1.15 there most likely won't be a release for one of these versions
1.16 plans:
(- seamoth upgrades)