Better Beekeeping

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Bees are great! But Minecraft beekeeping leaves a bit to be desired...


Better Beekeeping adds some small enhancements to the vanilla beekeeping experience, with a focus on small farming rather than automation and industry. The mod adds seven new styles of crafted hives to cover the vanilla woods, a Bee Smoker block that lets you avoid getting stung without the open flame, and several new flavors of honey!


It also adds a new recipe for a lead, for the more peaceful farming types out there: replace the slime ball with a block of honey to craft a single lead.


Bee Smoker

  • Crafted using a campfire, flint and steel, and iron ingots
  • Place it under your beehive and turn it on or off with a simple right-click
  • No more singed bees!


New Beehives!

  • Different hives for each of the vanilla woods!
  • Easier visual indicator that the hive is full, from any direction.
  • Hives now also show when they're almost full - you can see honey beginning to peek out the door.


Flavored Honey

  • Bees gathering nectar from the same type of flower, or flowers that make the same flavor of honey, will give you a flavored honey when you collect it from the hive.
  • Bee Nests do not produce flavored honey, only the crafted hives.
  • Each flavor of honey will cure poison, like regular honey, but will also either cure a negative effect or grant a positive one!

Cool Honey comes from Blue Orchids, Dandelions and Peonies and cures Hunger.

Warm Honey comes from Tulips and Roses and cures Weakness.

Lively Honey comes from Oxeye Daisies and Lily of the Valley and grants Regeneration.

Spicy Honey comes from Cornflowers, Allium and Lilacs and cures Slowness.

Bright Honey comes from Azure Bluets, Poppies and Sunflowers and cures Blindness.

Strange Honey comes from Wither Roses and cures Wither.


Seasons Compatibility: Hibernating Bees

With this mod, bees will also stay inside their nest or hive when the temperature outside is too cold. Since temperatures are location-specific in vanilla, this will really only come into play if you're using a seasons mod.


A screenshot showing the custom hives and flavored honeys


Planned Future Additions:

  • Configuration options for flavored honey and hibernation
  • Support for other mods to add their flowers for flavored honeys via datapacks