Better Armor 2

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.10


Dec 23, 2013

Owner: ameberlan

**Note on 1.8 Alpha. Obsidian Armor is available in creative mode, but a bug in the fire resistance made me hold off on the crafting recipe. Obsidian and Emerald tools are not in version, and will come in later. The Armor of Life is also undergoing a redo!**


Better Armor is aimed to make the armor in Minecraft better. We have already added multiple new armor and tool types. 

Malachite is a tad stronger than diamond, but still a lot weaker than obsidian. Malachite is also very rare in the world, and it is difficult to craft.

Glass Armor:
Glass armor is crafted from Malachite, in the same crafting pattern as regular armors. Glass armor is about the same strength as diamond, but the durability is much higher.

Obsidian Armor:
Obsidian armor is crafted from refined obsidian (we recommend NEI for recipes...) Obsidian armor is stronger than diamond, and even gives you fire resistance and allows you to swim in lava and not get hurt. (unless you stay in for to long...)

The Armor of Life:
The Armor of Life is a very easy to obtain, and is not very durable. The Armor of Life is meant to give you a large boost for not very much for a short period of time.

There are many different hammers that are added, from stone to Malachite. Stone hammers are meant to be used to mine only. Every other hammer (Iron-Malachite) can be used in crafting recipes (Again, use NEI).


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