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Hello! I am mrburgerUS, welcome to my first mod! It aims to port the Alpha and Beta terrain into the modern era of Minecraft, while maintaining the features that have been added


  1. Fully integrated structure generation! Look for Jungle Temples, Desert Pyramids, Strongholds, Mineshafts, Ocean Monuments, Shipwrecks, Mansions, everything!

  2. 100% Accurate Alpha and Beta Terrain! Generate your old seeds, like Glacier or gargamel!
  3. Modern Woods and Flowers! Ever wanted modern flowers and other amenities in Beta worlds? Look no further!
  4. Modern Caves and Ravines ensure a cohesive experience.
  5. Custom Biome Provider: Supports modded structure generation too! 
  6. Server Support! Change level-type to generate your favorite worlds!
  7. Small client-side changes, like Grass color gradients, Sugarcane color, and a small version number in the top left, just like Beta!
  8. Now includes a faithful Alpha 1.1.2_01 Generator with Lime Grass!




  • Updated to 1.14.4
  • Removed a few features while Forge updates
  • Refactored Village Generation
  • Complexified the Terrain Type detection to avoid floating structures
  • Spawning on Sand (or at least, next to it. Minecraft picks a random block around the selected spot, which is always Beach.)
  • Alpha+ Updated and improved
  • Beta Caves! 404 Challenge Part 2?
  • Fixed a few minor world-generation bugs (Tested using golden seeds: Glacier, gargamel, 404)


  • Updated to 1.13.2
  • Added faithful Alpha generator, snow worlds included
  • Rendering code that detects the world type and adjusts textures
  • Added a few secret features
  • Updated methods for Oceans to deepen and populate them
  • Fixed biome selection
  • Every structure implemented
  • Y-simulator for underwater and special features
  • Added client-side version number
  • Refactored EVERY piece of legacy code for speedier processing
  • Noise generators redone to be faster
  • Massive Biome changes, including size.


  • Added Mesas Styling!
  • Added World Biome Type slider, to switch between Biome Providers!
  • Biomes O' Plenty Support! Currently using a (very) simple implementation.
  • AbyssalCraft Support! Other modded Biome Support coming soon!
  • New Biome Selection Methods allow ALL Biome Types to spawn.
  • Villages! Woo hoo!
  • Changes to Ocean Declarations


  • Mesas! Rarely in exceptionally hot areas the sand will be replaced with Terracotta.
  • Fixed some values, added a New Biome System.
  • Under-the-hood improvements
  • Grass color Progress


  • Added World Customization GUI! It isn't complete, but the basic functions are there!
  • Implemented Roofed Forests, Mega Taigas, and Old Caves
  • Added Swamp Huts
  • Changed a few default rarity values
  • Reeds and Water now match beta colors!


  • Initial Release


To Do

  1. Add Biomes o' Plenty support DONE
  2. Add a new, modernized biome generator using Voronoi noise
  3. Add more configuration options
  4. Add mushroom islands back in
  5. Release
  6. See Also

  7. Classic Alternative
    1. My preferred resource pack, makes everything look like beta!


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