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Filename Kathairis-1.4b-beta.jar
Uploaded by RavnOfTheWastes
Uploaded Oct 16, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 18.83 MB
Downloads 2,276
MD5 d642c609fd9e2c201c289eefc56ab3a6
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Fixed problem with too longs roots

Improved skyray AI

Implemented new scorpion model

Added new particle for mystic fungus

Fixed dust storm crash on SMP

Some fixes with sandstorm command

Fixes with sandstorm on SMP

Fixes with death wand

Optimizations connected with living flower

Fixed ore generation

Fixes connected with sandstorm again

Improved quicksand avoiding

Changed XP from ores

Blue fruit from birds are now stackable with standard ones

Fixed bug with grass

Fixed fungite loot table

Decreased hardness of tall grass

Added mythic stone bricks and smelting

Saplings can now generate different trees

Added katharian ocean

Some fixes with cloudy slime

Tools are repairable now

Upgraded magic beans

Crystal blocks now damage player also if he's walking on them

Some fixes with bisons

Fixed bug with cloud boots

Assets update

Fixes with crystal pickaxe

Forgotten sand is no longer spawned during sandstorm

Added recipes: planks from stripped logs

Revenum ore doesn’t spawn wolves anymore

Texture update

Fixes with sandstorm… again…

Fixes with SMP compatibility

Added some slabs recipes

Sandstorm fixes

Fixed slabs bugs

Added basic ore dictionary entries

Fixed shock wand on SMP

Some fixes with katharian ocean

Some fixes with recipes

Hearts can heal living entities now

Added layered sand block (for sandstorms)

Some changes with sandstorm - should be less laggy now

Disabled rain on mystic deserts

Speeded up crystal pickaxe

Improved model of butterfly flower