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Filename Kathairis-beta-1.4.jar
Uploaded by krevikus
Uploaded Sep 30, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 18.80 MB
Downloads 1,491
MD5 be38cc6b74e8587f25cb0235488a72ea
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  • Added new language: portugese - brazilian
  • Scorpion optimization - less lag causing and AI adjustments (scorpions now avoid moving sands)
  • Big turtle avoids moving sands also
  • Fixes and optimizations connected with cloud oister
  • Fungite avoids moving sands also
  • Camel now avoids moving sands
  • Howlers now avoid moving sands
  • Succulent can grow now
  • Stepped succulent can now grow also
  • Howlers are now less lag causing
  • Mystic gem is not consumed if portal creation was unsuccessfull
  • Ritual blade isn’t damaged now if portal creation was unsuccessfull
  • Huge optimizations that grants performance optimization
  • Moving sands blocks are now easier digged
  • Data optimizations
  • Fixed potential buggy lack of prefix connected with dimension handling - may cause problems with old worlds that are updated
  • Normal stone is now generated everywhere around kathairis
  • Implemented basic system for shaders (for future)
  • Added new kether portal particles
  • Fixed audio bug (Closes 003A0)
  • Fixed problem with new doors and trapdoors colissions //closes 002A0
  • Pigmens should not spawn in kathairis portal anymore
  • More flower variants around portal
  • Implemented new system to allow easy charger recipe adding
  • Optimizations in code
  • Changes in kathairis sky - stars/sky color
  • Updated English language file
  • Added falling stars in the kathairis sky
  • Fixed problems with some particles
  • Renamed Adamantium things to Revenum
  • Added bowl of nectar and crafting recipe (bowl and butterfly flower nectar)
  • Texture update
  • Major changes in gooseberry block (you can pick gooseberries now and they will regrow)
  • Some improvements with kathairis sky
  • New sounds
  • New tree type that replaced huge trees in mystic forest
  • Changes with creative tabs
  • Fixed rendering of mythic stone pillar in inventory
  • Gecko model fix
  • New swamp gas particle
  • Big generation additions in mystic swamps: more mud paddles, more tall grass, more water paddles, old trunks, overall - mystic swamps are now more dense and looks more like real swamps
  • Blue fruit plants are now generated on random growth stage
  • Fixed problem with jade vines on SMP
  • Fixed problem with old man on SMP
  • Fixed death problems on SMP
  • Added new enchantment “ethereal”
  • Death and steve ghosts are now only damaged when weapon has “ethereal” enchantment
  • Wands are not enchantable now
  • Texture update
  • Increased number of stars in kathairis sky
  • Added redwood log variants, planks, and recipes. Redwood log can be set to smaller piece using axe or crafting
  • Some Kathairis blocks are flamable now
  • Added new redwood tree in mystic desert
  • optimized jellyfishes code
  • Added magnethium tools,sword, and recipes. Also with special functionalities.
    • Removed Revenum Shovel
      Revenum Hoe
      Revenum Door
      All Cloud Tools
  • Some fixes with doors
  • Naming changes
  • Gecko is now walking on walls
  • Gecko’s now spawn in mystic forest
  • Some fixes with sandstorm command
  • Improved falling stars
  • Texture update (Thank you HK)
  • Added new grass variant specially for plains
  • Added basic gecko walking animation
  • Language file update
  • Added polish language
  • Revenum is now less op
  • Gecko avoids moving sands now
  • Solis crystals can be used as a fuel in charger now
  • Crystals can drop shards after breaking now