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NOTE: this page is for the old version of this mod, which is no longer being worked on by its developer. For the updated version, check Besmirchment 2.

is an addon for the Bewitchment mod. It implements more or less satirical content that you would probably not see in the base mod.

This mod is highly configurable! If you are a pack maker and decide to include this mod, make sure to check the config to avoid bad decisions.

Current features:

-2 new Transformations: the Lich and the Werepyre
-Werepyres, as a mob
-A new pledgeable Demon
-A harder, better, faster, stronger broom
-Fancy dye for Werewolves and Werepyres

-Universal familiars, and a new potion relating to it
-Tameable Demons

-Vampire Suncreen, the forbidden item

-A new Contract


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