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Spend all day playing Minecraft when you just need to get work done? Well then limit how long you or other players on your server can play with this mod!

You can set up individual times on a per player basis or a global setting that affects all players. Control how long a player can play at one time as well as how long of a break they must take before reconnecting to the server.

This also works on the client so if you find yourself playing too much on your own. It is NOT required on the client however.

The time a player has played decreases when they are logged off from the server to help keep things fair and in the future you'll have control over how much time they can "earn" back by staying offline.


The entire mod can be controlled in-game (if you are an OP or have cheats enabled) via the "/beproductive" command. Here are a few examples:

  • Timeout a player by using the command: /beproductive timeout <playername> [minutes]
  • Set a global time play limit for all players: /beproductive set globalmaxtimeon <minutes>
  • Set a break time for a specific player: /beproductive set breaktime <playername> <minutes>
  • Reset the timeout and play time for a player: /beproductive reset <playername>

By default, all time outs and break times are set to 0 so this mod does nothing. Configure it in-game or via the config files to set up the times.


Feel free to redistribute as part of a mod pack, not need to ask for permission



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