Beloved Keybindings

5,676 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1
This Mod won't be maintained anymore. Please use the newer Version: CloudSettings

This is a Client-Side Mod. You could install it on a Server but it will do nothing!

What does this Mod do?
This Mod adds a Button to every Keybinding which enables the synchronisation between Minecraft Instances.

How to use the Mod
1. Install the Mod
2. Setup your favorite Keybindings
3. Click the Cloud Button
4. Be Happy because you never have to do set your Keybindings again. They will be loaded in all Modpacks you play!

How it works
Modpack 1 sending Keybindings to Cloud.
Modpack 2 loading Keybindings from Cloud.

What information will be stored?
Your UUID to identify your Account, the Translation-Key of the Keybinding and Input Name.

Other Featues => Support for Controlling => Auto Jump Support => Sound Settings Support => Graphics Settings Support (No longer supported on 1.17.1) => Config => Full Encryption & Password requirement
more coming soon :D


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