Bedrock Utilities 2 (Xanthium51)

3,926 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 25, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Client+Server Mod. Modpack permissions granted!

Over 5 years after the mods original release for 1.6.4, its finally back and fully updated for 1.12.2 and 1.14.4 with new features!

Our team is back and we are the original authors from long ago: ORIGINAL FORUM THREAD LINK WITH DOWNLOADS FOR 1.6.4 AND OLDER

Bedrock tools and armor. Significantly better than diamond tools/armor and anyone can craft them. The mod is currently completed.

(issues/feature requests now on GitHub)


NEW IN VERSION 2.3+ BEDROCK ULTIMATE: 6 Tools in one, Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, Shears. Implemented properly - Only 1 durability point taken no matter how you use it(the way it should be, I see too many mods on here that design multitools that use 2 durability points if used as a sword)

Also the tool will not take damage if you are breaking a block that is able to be broken instantly without any tool(e.g. tall grass/flowers)

exists in 1.14.4 without shears functionality

Shift Right Click: Shovel Mode, Shift Left Click(On block): Shears Mode,  Shift Right Click(On mob, e.g. sheep): Shears Mode, Right Click: Hoe

Also New: Bedrock Bow/Arrows, Bow requires Ammo/Arrows to craft, but not to fire. Limited durability but much better then vanilla bow.

Arrow speed +33%, Aim +300%, 2x Damage, 20x Durability

Note: I recommended using AttributeFix to fix the vanilla cap of 30 armor points, as well as Overloaded Armor Bar to visually show your true armor protection on your HUD.

Purpose: The purpose of this mod is to add more durable(longer lasting) and faster/stronger tools/weapons(and now the new Bedrock Ultimate 6-in-1) in conjunction with more durable and better protecting armor akin to the vanilla Minecraft experience.

The recipes are made to be balanced while still challenging for a fair vanilla-like game.


Why ours is better from the others:
Bedrock Ultimate Tool(6 in 1)
Items can now be repaired using vanilla anvil!
Full Enchantment support including the Bedrock Ultimate!
Recipes are the fairest in the land
The specs are based off of complex mathematical algorithms
32x32 Textures
Readily Upgraded to latest version of Minecraft(Took 5+ years to update from 1.6.4 to 1.12.2)
Bug free(probably)


Tool specs:
Durability (how long the tool lasts before being destroyed): 18,732 (12x better than Diamond)..........Diamond is 1,561.(Ultimate=93,898)
Efficiency (speed): 24 (3x speed of Diamond)..........Diamond is 8.(Ultimate is 25)
Damage (sword): 10(Slay a zombie in just 2 strikes!)(Ultimate=12)


Armor Specs(Protection is double that of diamond):
 -Durability points(how long the armor lasts before being destroyed): 99 (3x better than Diamond)..........Diamond is 33.

  • Helm: 1089
  • Chest: 1584
  • Legs: 1485
  • Feet: 1287

Craft a Bedrock Fragment using obsidian, diamonds, and a bucket of lava.

Bedrock sticks are stronger and required for the bedrock items.


Tool Recipes:

Bedrock Sword

Bedrock Pickaxe

Bedrock Axe

Bedrock Shovel

Bedrock Hoe

 Armor Recipes:

Bedrock Helmet

Bedrock Chestplate

Bedrock Leggings

Bedrock Boots



Thanks guys for these awesome videos!!!