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What is Beautify?

Beautify is a client and serverside deco-mod that adds lots of vanilla-styled ways to spice up your builds with custom models.

My goal with this mod is to increase the detail in builds without killing the need for imagination and creativity.
Additionally, most blocks include new features. For example, potted plants (such as 1 tall flowers) can be duplicated using bone meal.

Versions [Forge]: 1.18.2 | 1.19 | 1.19.1 | 1.19.2 | 1.20.1

More Pictures:

Showcase Video by Jeikir:


Features summary:

  • Hanging Pots with custom flower models and a wide variety of supported plants
  • Book Stacks with different models that can power an enchantment table
  • Blinds to add details to your windows or create new types of entrances
  • Picture Frames with all 16x16 Vanilla Painting motives and more
  • Rope that Hanging Pots and other Blocks can be attached to and Players can climb
  • New forms of light sources: Bamboo Lantern, Candelabras/ Chandeliers, Glowessence Jar, Light Bulbs
  • Lattices for putting plants on walls and ceilings
  • more coming soon

For more info on the blocks and their uses, please visit the wiki!


As this is my first mod, I'm thankful for any suggestions, feedback etc. and will be working on this in the future!