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A mod created specifically for the Beard Zone Gaming Community


Included in this new and tiny mod are: 


The Twitch bot we all know and love has been manufactured into a form to make new members of the server feel welcome!

Beard Ore

Located underground, this beard-like ore will drop either beards or mustaches (sometimes both) to help you craft custom items. Note: Using silk touch will increase the number of ore you receive! 

Beard Planks

In honor of beards, we've hand crafted these wooden planks via the power of beards! 

Bearded Wool

If you've ever wanted a cute beard pattern carpet, we're happy to provide you with hand woven bearded wool bliss!

Beardie Trophy

To celebrate the beginning of a new server and world, Beardie bestows upon the world a miniature statue of him! Use the below recipe to craft one of your own!